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“Fitness Anywhere, Anytime, Naturally & Safely “ is the slogan that defines our fitness philosophy in training.

In RISE Fitness, our aim is to share with people that fitness can be achieved simply, easily and quickly right at their doorstep.
With our developed forté in the architecture of personalised fitness programmes based on the facilities made available at the choice-location of the individual/group, RISE Fitness brings the convenience of exercise by transforming one’s selected vicinity into a workout jungle through a blend of resistance training, body-weight exercises, suspension training and body calisthenics.

Our programmes, ranging from weight reduction, body firming, functional training, workout efficiency training (WET™), Sports Improvement Clinics, to running correction workshop, are highly tailored to the individual’s/group’s specifications and preferences to ensure that the greatest results are achieved within the shortest time invested.

To further understand the needs and preferences of our participants further, RISE Fitness went on further to design a pioneer programme that combines sports with Emergenetics – a science of thinking and behavioural preferences created in the United States.

The programme uses a cognitive approach towards exercising so that individuals will have customised fitness programmes that would aid in increasing workout effectiveness and efficiency.

Through the guidance of our elite coaches, RISE Fitness drives upon the goal that the epitome of fitness stems from being able to perform any sport, exercise and activity ‘at will’ and ‘on demand’, ‘injury-free’, ‘for-life’ and Naturally!

List of RISE Fitness Programmes Avaliable