Testimonials from our clients

I don't think I am the only one who struggle with weight issues or wish to have those model like bodies we see in print or media without lifting a finger. My body weight has always been like a yo-yo. When I tell my friends that I am on a diet, their eyes will start to roll. It's a given fact that I am a foodie.

Harmless ridicules made me determine to prove my friends wrong. I needed to start something different this year as my current physical activities and personal training at one of the commercial gym was insufficient/ineffective to offset the weight that crept up through my love for food and notably decreasing metabolic rate. I use to tell people that I put on weight simply by breathing. There was no progress and at most I was just stalling my path to obesity. If it wasn't for the fact that I am relatively active, my weight and body size would have been doubled the current size.

I have joined different programs and tried some common diet plans. Results achieved were quickly lost... They were just not sustainable in the long run. Some were just not practical for busy working adults like myself.

I goggled to see what else could help me this year. Was contemplating cross fit (the latest craze among some of friends) and I have no doubt that this program with adrenalin charged high intensity workout will build my ego and my dream to a washboard abs (I did attend their try outs). However there was this nagging feeling that I can't sustain through without injury (my form tends to be off when I am tired) and whether my body can take it (ain't a young chicken anymore LOL).

It was during my search for enlightenment that I chanced upon Rise Fitness. I must admit that I was curious what Rise Fitness was offering and what customized program they have... No venture no gain. What's the harm of adding another "tried and tested" program to my list.

When I met Jackson, there was no hard-sell (a positive point given), he was more interested to understand my objectives and lifestyle (another positive point given), he knew what he was talking (yet another positive point given) and he said I can continue to eat my favorite food and not go on any diet (100 positive points given). I was sold on the spot but I must qualify that I knew food intake had to be in moderation or no super instructor could help me. I was excited to actually marked on my calendar the date 18 Mar 2015 where I started another weight loss journey and I wasn't sure if the excitement was to prove Jackson wrong.. That there was no hope for me!

I was most impressed when Jackson could already spot the mistakes in my posture, my walking, my stand and my techniques during our 1st session (No wonder I am aching at various parts of my body) No past trainers that I engaged have even told me about them nor corrected me. Jackson actually reinforced these to me at every sessions and even bother explaining the "whys" and the "whats" to a layman like me.

I also shared quite a comprehensive list of my favorite and daily food intakes with Jackson. I was never made to go on a diet but was made aware of what choices I should make and the portions. It helps that he checks on me occasionally. It was definitely something that I can sustain unlike earlier "caveman" diet and "pills & powder" supplements that deprive the body that only result in bingeing.

The program was practical and easy to follow which I took with me during my overseas trip. Yes, it's "portable". There is a constant variation in the exercises to push me and maintain my interests.

8 weeks to see the difference
12 weeks to feel the difference
16 weeks to embrace the difference

I am now on my 2nd leg of journey. Am just as excited and totally encouraged by the results and encouragement from Jackson. The best part is I get to share my love for food with Jackson without being shy about it!

I began training with Jackson in 2013 with the goal of improving my muscle definition and increasing my core strength.

Jackson helped me design a programme to meet all of those goals. With his personalised approach to my training and lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym, I have greatly exceeded even my own expectations. I've increased my muscle definition and dropped my body fat percentage, while increasing my strength and cardio levels. I am now in better shape mentally and physically than have ever been.

What makes Jackson different from other trainers (and I have used different trainers in the past) is his ability to tailor your program to your goals and be there every step of the way to ensure you reach them but also keep the programme interesting by continually changing the type of exercises so you don’t get bored or remain stagnant. While my workouts are of course demanding I do look forward to them, and more importantly the results.

So thank you Jackson.

With two little kids and a demanding full time job, finding the time and energy to stay fit can be daunting. But at the same time, I have a responsibility to those two little kids to stay healthy. Jackson has helped me enormously - always professional and pro-active. Most Importantly, he actually makes working out fun!

I have had a number of personal trainers over the years, but Jackson is truly exceptional. He gets results, because of his deep expertise, his knowledge of how to keep people motivated and focused, but perhaps most of all, because he genuinely cares about the health of his clients.

It was my privilege to have Jackson as my personal trainer. He trained me for about one year in 2013 and he has changed my life for the better.

I’ve never taken exercise seriously before with a right mind-set.

Jackson taught me basic but very crucial exercise routines to keep me motivated. He is extremely disciplined, professional, passionate and most importantly, knowledgeable about what he is doing. He is also very caring, thoughtful and observant. I achieved my weight loss goal with him (3kg in the first month and a few more kg’s in subsequent months), I became much more aware of my diet and right exercise routines. I used to travel a lot for work and fall sick easily. After a few months of training with Jackson, I became stronger, fitter and more resilient.

I feel confident about my health and my body again, all thanks to him!

Now that I have relocated overseas and no longer under Jackson’s “strict” training, I am still very motivated to go to gym and practice the exercise routines that he taught me, because he has grown that habit in me. I’m very thankful for him and I strongly recommend Jackson and his team for fitness training. Whatever your goals are, Jackson will be very attentive and he will try his best to tailor the programs that suit you best, just like what he did for me.

He still keeps an eye on my well-being and fitness via Whatsapp! Thanks Jackson!

With the help of Jackson and his team, I've benefited tremendously in getting running postures right and understanding the right exercises to suit my fitness goals. They truly testify to the philosophy of look good, feel good through the right nutrition and workout for different individuals! It has been a great journey working out together. Truly believe RISE Fitness will continue to rise with success with its dedicated team.

Thanks Jackson!

Jackson, is a very a competent Fitness Coach & Sports REHAB Specialist, who was not only able to correct my posture when I ran, but was also able to show me areas I should focus on to reduce pain in my joints.

With his expertise in Sports Science and deep knowledge in running, he was also able to coach me in strengthening various muscle groups to assist in correcting my running posture as well as improve my health.

Today, I run both efficiently and with pain-free knees!

Thanks Jackson!

I have been training with Jackson 2-3 times a week for 11 months now. Jackson himself is great coach to work with. He has consistently evolved the programme that I’ve followed, constantly tweaking it to suit my progression and periodically testing and taking me to the next level. In all 11 months, I have not suffered a single injury due to the way that Jackson had safely built the programmes to push me past limits, but not over-extending me. I never get tired of the programme as he changes it frequently to include HIIT, Cardio, Suspension training, Circuit Training, Traditional Strength & Weight training as well as Balance, Stability & Co-ordination routines. More than just a trainer, he has been a great personal coach for me throughout the year by helping me with diet and food choices to drive better results from my training. He has also played the role of a Sport REHAB specialist where he alleviated any aches or pains through he own brand of tendon manipulation & Sports Rehab technique that I had allowed me to continue training without any downtime. Beyond his professional capabilities - jackson is a lot of fun and I would highly recommend both Jackson and the RISE Fitness team.

I am confident that they will help you achieve your goals and that you will enjoy the fitness journey that you embark on with them!

In 2013, I tore 2 of my ligaments in my knee and was told by two orthopaedics that surgery was the only way to resolve my injury.

After consulting Jackson and his team, I've learnt many great conditioning exercises and physiotherapy techniques to strengthen my knee joint and my body that helped in the natural therapy and healing of my knees.

Today, I'm able to run, jump, play ice hockey again and even upgrade my PES status without going through a surgery. As a matter of a fact, my body and my knee feel stronger than before after under-going the RISE Fitness Programme.

Thanks Jackson, for helping me recover and be able to engage in the sport (Ice Hockey) that I love for the past 20 years again.

Thumbs up for the dedicated team at RISE Fitness!

Jackson rocks as he brings everything I need to transform my home area into a real time gym - boxing equipment, TRX, dumbells, resistance bands etc....

We train at the void deck, playground… You name it, and he’ll be there to turn any area you fancy into a killer workout zone. I thoroughly enjoy the concept of still being able to keep fit whilst outside the gym!

After training with Jackson, I feel fitter, stronger and sexier.

And I really like the fact that he teaches me things I can follow up by myself, so I can keep fit anywhere, anytime (especially with my hectic travel schedule)!

Jackson is good in that he varies the sessions according to my interests, energy levels and my goals. The big positive is that he is regular and reliable- he never misses a session!

I engaged Jackson for my wedding preparations to ensure I look svelte for my special day.

Apart from tailoring a killer workout that suited my needs, Jackson also pays very close attention to my diet plans and ensures I stay on track to achieve my goals by consistently checking up on me on a regular basis outside of our training times.

His caring nature and dedication to help me reach my aims has made me don on my wedding dress as a beautiful bride, of which was witness by Jackson, when he attended the nuptials, (all the way up) in the Philippines.

Thanks Jackson, for helping change my life to a healthy and fitter one!

I started training with Jackson 3 months before my wedding. I was looking for a quick-fix solution to get in shape for my big day, but I got so much more from my sessions with Jackson. Jackson taught me how to always keep my trainings fun and sustainable. No access to a gym? Not an issue. Jackson brought the gym to me. With just a couple of weights, Jackson had me panting like I ran a marathon.

The 6 kg i lost in those 3 months was great, but knowing how to keep that weight off is priceless.

A year after my last session with Jackson, I'm still using the workouts (HIIT, TRX, etc) he taught me and I have been Keeping the weight off. If I have any questions on working out and/or general health, Jackson is always happy to answer them, even though I’m not his client anymore.

So if you are looking for a trainer to help transform and change your lifestyle, look no further than Jackson.

Jackson has a unique business model. He saves you travelling time, combines it with creatively crafted all body workouts catered to every stage of development, tops it off with a positive attitude and an exemplary work ethic.

His intimate knowledge of all muscle groups and sinews also means he helps to remedy any physical ailment on site effectively.

It is the perfect essential routine to have for the busy professional.

*Fitness results will defer in accordance to individual’s physiological response and fitness goals.